I’m Barbara, a fiber and textile artist living in the south with my husband and two dogs.

As a young, fashion-obsessed girl, I dreamed of walking the runway as a high fashion model or following in the footsteps of Marc Jacobs and becoming a fashion designer. I soon realized that I was way too short (I’m only 5’1) and that my love of nature was too strong to live in a big city. Although fashion will always be my first love, my passions have evolved to include many things, all fueling the creativity necessary for my crazy busy life.

The Stranded Sheep was born from a desire to do something with my hands. After many years of soul searching, knitting stuck like glue and evolved into a love of fiber, a spinning wheel, an old floor loom and learning to naturally dye with ingredients I can grow. And don’t forget farming. I have big dreams of owning a farm where early mornings are quiet, good food is plentiful and sheep are prevalent.

The fiber used to develop my products, both handspun and woven, is sourced from local farms with ethical standards. 

I love working with my local fiber farmer, Tina, of Dry Creek Naturals in Taylorsville, Georgia. Her sheep have been bred to withstand the Georgia heat and make beautiful fleeces that turn into gorgeous yarn.