A Cabin in Helen

We rented a tiny cabin in Helen, Georgia. We’ve never been to Helen, always opting for the Blue Ridge Mountains, but we weren’t disappointed. The cabin was situated on 75 acres and truly secluded. We’ve been to so many cabins that claim to be private, but upon arrival, we can see neighbors from all angles. With this cabin, we only saw a few deer, squirrels, lizards and people tubing the Chattahoochee River. Trading a glamorous cabin for more land was a good one. We did not want to leave.

We sat on the little beach during the day while Ally swam (her favorite activity). At night, we explored and walked the many trails with the dogs off leash, something we’ve never really been able to do without worry. Our only complaint was leaving with a million “bites.” We didn’t know what they were until the last day, but we knew they weren’t from mosquitoes. It was a funny scene of both of us researching on our phones, trying to get just a little service here or there. Thinking it might be bed bugs (gross!), we were checking the mattresses with flash lights. We finally discovered that chiggers were the culprits of the very itchy welts we had everywhere. Next time we’ll go when it’s not chigger season or take the necessary precautions.

Overall, the stay was wonderfully peaceful – a true time to reflect, spend time together and allow the dogs to be free. Helen Cabin, we will be back!