Birthday at Serenbe

Compared to previous years of dinners, drinks and late nights, some would call my 28th birthday low key. I was tired of spending part of my birthday weekend hungover and worthless. I wanted something different; something that I would actually remember. I’ve always wanted to visit Serenbe, a sustainable community south of Atlanta that has hiking trails, restaurants, shops and lots of animals.

My friends and I set off early, stopping for a morning pick-me-up at Starbucks. Serenbe is about an hour from my house so it was a mini road trip of sorts. When we arrived, we were greeted by a baby sheep, friendly people and beautiful scenery. Everything there is simple and rustic, and we spent part of the morning hiking to the waterfall. Afterwards, we had lunch at the Hil then walked around the tiny town of quaint shops. I was on the hunt for Many Fold Farm’s famous eggs, which I found at Fern’s Market. Yes, the walk was so worth it! Those eggs have the brightest orange yolk I’ve ever seen.

It was one of my favorite birthdays, producing memories that I will keep forever. The best part was that we were back before sunset. I guess you could say that I’m growing up…or getting old. I’m okay with either of them.