Buster's Walk

Sometimes I like to take Buster to this big open field where he can run off leash (well, his leash drags, but he’s free!). Compared to Ally, he has a much better recall, however, he’s more adventurous and really likes to explore. I mean, he did grow up outside and that’s where he is his true dog self. He literally becomes a different dog when he’s outside. Yet, there’s always a downside. His prey drive is off the charts so when he gets a smell or sees something, he’s zoned out or worse, gone. We’ve been working on it, and he’s doing much better at listening when he’s aroused.

This particular day was both cloudy and sunny. It’s been raining a lot here so we haven’t had many really sunny days. Buster got to run free, and I got to practice taking photos…a perfect late morning in my opinion.

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