Meyer Lemon Cupcakes

We got this Williams-Sonoma meyer lemon cupcake mix as a gift practically forever ago. As it was nearing its expiration date, I knew it couldn’t go to waste so I set out to buy all of the ingredients and planned a baking day. You see, baking is therapeutic, and I so needed the therapy.

The other side to the story is that I’m leaning towards going dairy free. I’m mostly there and have been for a while with the exception of cheese and restaurant everything-has-dairy-in-it splurges. I’m hoping I can get to the point where I resist things like pizza and bask in the glory of self control. Am I there yet? No. But these cupcakes were like a going away party, a farewell to more than just dairy. I was saying goodbye to the years of wanting to do something so bad, but not having the willpower to actually do it.

I just finished reading Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran. I liked that she put going vegan simple and didn’t beat you up if you had a little bit of something either on accident or purpose. Compared to other vegan and vegetarian books, it was refreshing. I’d like to think about my dairy journey like the book. Hopefully I can have a little bit more self control than I have in the past since it feels so good to stick to something.

It’s not going to be easy since there are so many inconveniences about giving something up not to mention the temptations, but I’m excited for the journey!