The Modern Natural Dyer

My holiday projects were a success! Despite taking on a few too many, I finished all of them. I was definitely knitting down to the wire. What did you tackle during your holiday break?

One of my favorite projects was creating these colorful cotton dishtowels for some of my favorite girls using a project that caught my eye from A Verb For Warm Keeping’s The Modern Natural Dyer. (If you haven’t already purchased this book, you absolutely should! It’s one of the best of 2015). The "Flowers At My FingerTips Sewing Kit" project takes fresh flowers wrapped in bundles of fabric to create a pretty imprinted tie-dye effect. 


Truthfully, I've been jaded by natural dyeing. I didn't realize just how much work it takes until I was juggling all of the different steps in takes to get good results. With my tiny kitchen and lack of proper equipment, dye projects have been challenging. Plus, my results have been mostly disappointing. I’d been questioning whether or not naturally dyeing was really for me up until trying this project. Now I finally have hope. Not only did the colors turn out bright and rich, but I was surprised to see that the two camellia flowers I used (after running out of marigolds) produced that pretty blue color shown in the photos. If you know me at all, you know that I love blue so this was exciting enough to consider using them in other dye projects.

Also, the differences in the two towels I used is obvious. Although both were cotton, the thicker towel took the dye better than the thin gauzy towels. What’s funny is that I was most excited about the latter so I placed the “best” flowers in those bundles. I really enjoyed this project and hope that my future dyeing projects are as fun and rewarding as this one.

If you haven’t already, go out and buy The Modern Natural Dyer. You won’t be disappointed.