Vintage Spools


I envy those who have the patience to find great vintage items. Old things in good condition far surpass new, especially in today's world of plastic and plywood. My antiques are special to me and I know they'll be around for a long time, which I can't say about many things I've purchased in my lifetime.

These vintage spools of sari ribbon, crochet edging, and lace were gifted to me for my wedding shower. I love the beautiful signs of use like the discolored wood, splashes of paint, chips and faded tags, which show that they had lives before mine. Maybe someone sat by the fire crocheting the white beauty below or used the giant spools to wind their own handspun yarn. I think that's the best part of vintage...the imagined stories you can come up with, all different and simple.

I filled my studio with these lovelies and will treasure them forever.